Milestones 0 – 3 Years

Each child develops differently and thus these milestones are used as a general guideline as to when a child should be developing in which area:

At 0 – 3 Years

of age a baby may startle when they hear a loud sound.They should be able to look into their mothers face, hold eye contact with her and should quieten to a familiar voice. They will begin to make soft noises, have different cries for different needs and also laugh and smile at times.

At 3 – 6 Months

an infant starts to turn his head towards a sound, they may also quieten in order to listen for a specific sounds. At this age they begin to pay attention to the mother’s lips and face, they will play with sounds, respond to an adults speech and make different sounds to attract attention.

At 6 – 9 Months

an infant will start to turn towards a sound and look for the speaker. They begin to understand some of language, responds to their name, are able to interpret angry and calm voices, response to ‘no’ as well as paying attention to singing and speech. At this age babies are starting to become more verbal and should be starting to babble and use various sounds, such as; p, b, m, t, d. They will begin to copy sounds of another speaker and take turns in ‘conversation’.

At 9 – 12 Months

the child will continue to look towards sounds and respond to simple requests such as ‘come here’. They will begin to wave and clap their hands when asked to and may recognizes simple words and gestures such as hello or up.They turn to look for familiar toys or objects when named  and try to copy words using similar sounds e.g. bo for bottle. They love music and may make imitative sounds, along with using gestures (showing, pointing, giving)

By 12 -18 Months

they will point toward objects and pictures when named, follows a simple 2 – 3 word phrase, can point to an object or picture when given a choice of three, listens to rhymes, point to body parts and start using 5-7 words (not mommy/ daddy). At this age, they are beginning to use words instead of gestures, are able to copy specific words and 2 word sentences, along with naming objects and makes some sounds such as; ‘broom’ for car.

At 18 – 24 Months

the child should be following instructions (sit down and eat), understanding prepositions (in ; on), understanding ‘big’ and ‘small’, ask for things by name , and says ‘more’, ‘no’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. They are able to copy 2-3 word sentences, use 2 words in a sentence, name people and body parts and ask and answers simple questions.

At 24 – 30 Months

they are able to point to themselves when asked to, follow longer more complex instructions, respond to a command involving 2 objects and refers to themselves by name, ‘me’ or ‘I’. They are able to uses 3 word sentences e.g. ‘see red shoes’, ‘daddy kick ball’, ask and answers questions and have a vocabulary of about 50 words.

At 30 -36 Months

they may begin to understands descriptive words such as big/small and fat/thin,  understand questions – why? Who? Where? When? They know familiar places and sound, answer questions, asks questions, uses sentences with 4 or more words and ask for rhymes and stories to be repeated. These aged toddlers enjoy talking about things that are happening or have happened to them.