Hearing Screening


We conduct hearing screening for a nominal fee. This may occur at our rooms, in a call centre or on school premises and for children from 3 years up till adults.

Research has proven that our exposure to noise has increased over time, and so has the probability of hearing loss. Concerts, sporting events, TV, electronic games and other experiences often expose us to an increase in loudness of sounds, therefore causing our ability to hear, to be constantly challenged. Children often have recurrent middle ear infections, and this may also influence their ability to hear correctly. For young children, even a mild hearing loss may influence their language, reading and general abilities to learn.

Speech Therapists see persons who have difficulties with pronunciation of sounds, reading, spelling, stuttering, following instructions, as well as the understanding and/or use of language. The process of hearing screening looks at the individuals sensitivity to hear at different frequencies (high and low sounds), this is not a full diagnostic assessment. It also includes an examination of the ear canal in order to determine if there is a possible ear infection, obstruction or excessive wax. The therapist will assess the individual, provide basic feedback to them or their family, and/or make further recommendations to have a full diagnostic assessment.